Robin van Klaveren Robin van Klaveren
Robin van Klaveren
Co-Founder | Operations Director
Edwin Hendrikse Edwin Hendrikse
Edwin Hendrikse
Co-Founder | Finance Director
Michel Koornstra Michel Koornstra
Michel Koornstra
Co-Founder | Managing Director
Oliver Goose Oliver Goose
Oliver Goose
Portfolio Analyst
Simone Toonen Simone Toonen
Simone Toonen
Sales Support
Robin Lange Robin Lange
Robin Lange
Business Controller
Wendy Habraken Wendy Habraken
Wendy Habraken
Channel Manager
Rens Wagemakers Rens Wagemakers
Rens Wagemakers
Account Manager
Michiel van der Vlies Michiel van der Vlies
Michiel van der Vlies
Channel Manager

Working at Gulf Gas + Power

We don’t have any vacancies at the moment but... we do have nice coffee! So if you think you could really add something to our team, please feel free to get in touch. Mail your motivation and CV to Michel at

Our professional areas of expertise:

  • Commercial
  • Finance & Data analysis
  • Energy Trading
  • Tech & Innovation
  • Marketing & Communications