Dutch innovators launch energy company for the business community under the name Gulf Gas + Power

’s-Hertogenbosch - On 14 March 2018, three Dutch entrepreneurs will be launching a new energy company: Gulf Gas + Power, a 117-year-old start-up. Responding to the needs of the business community, Gulf Gas + Power will be a direct challenge to the unfair and dishonest gas & electricity prices currently forced upon companies.

Founders are also shareholders

Gulf Gas + Power is a new energy company founded by Michel Koornstra (Managing Director), Robin van Klaveren (Operations Director) and Edwin Hendrikse (Finance Director). The three, who are also shareholders in the 117-year-old start-up, have earned their stripes in the world of energy trading, finance and innovation at companies such as Delta and Essent.

Companies pay unfair prices
The way energy is produced is undergoing significant and rapid change, as is the way energy is delivered and stored. Yet the manner in which companies purchase energy, and energy suppliers sell it, hasn’t changed since the 1950s. Michel Koornstra argues that “a lack of transparency, unnecessary complexity and chronic inefficiency mean that, for decades now, Dutch companies have simply been paying way too much for their gas & electricity.”

Smarter, better, faster, easier
Gulf Gas + Power will deliver energy the way it should be delivered, which is very different from current practice. No hidden margins, no excessive notice periods, no mothballed power plants or outdated IT systems. The Gulf Gas + Power management team will use technology, know-how and years of experience to provide the business market with the fair energy prices it deserves. “We know that in everything we do we must constantly be asking ourselves ‘can it be done more easily, can it be simpler, can it be made clearer?’”

Companies currently reated as residential consumers
Koornstra believes business customers are entitled to direct access to the energy market. “On the websites of the three largest suppliers, there’s no distinction made between commercial clients and residential consumers, which reflects how businesses aren’t getting the attention they deserve and basically being taken for granted by these suppliers.”

An essential element of the new energy supplier’s offering is GulfCore: a digital sales platform with fixed and flexible gas & electricity products. The products have been developed in collaboration with businesses to ensure they are fully geared to the business community’s needs. Customers receive direct and, if they wish, real-time access to the energy market. On 14 March 2018, the digital sales platform will go live, making the Netherlands the first country in the world where Gulf sells gas & electricity.

Energy Contract in 3m 14s
To process an online quote request, Gulf Gas + Power requires only the first letters of a company’s name. The rest of the data is then automatically retrieved via GulfCore and the prices immediately made visible to the client. These are linked to the market and therefore completely up-to-date. “We will always offer the best available prices, which will be lower than the prices of the big players in the market.” The application process for a business energy contract lasts a total of 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

About Gulf Gas + Power
Gulf Gas + Power is a 117-year-old start-up with a mission to shake up the energy market for businesses. By making the delivery of gas & electricity understandable, tangible and fair. At the heart of the company is a belief that the central concern should always be the energy needs of the client, and not the power stations of the energy company. The digital sales platform, GulfCore, provides fixed and flexible energy products that are linked real-time to market prices. This ensures a company will always get the best price and one that fits 100% with its particular business processes. The culture at Gulf Gas + Power is about passion, openness and diversity, underpinned by talent and knowledge. Gulf Gas + Power was founded by Michel Koornstra, Robin van Klaveren and Edwin Hendrikse.

Note for editors
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